Undergraduate Research Fellows: Clinical Experience Goals and Expectations

For those Undergraduate Research Fellows who have met the Medical Center’s requirements to participate in clinical shadowing, including completing all required training and providing the required documents, you may have the opportunity, when circumstances permit, to join the Inpatient Medicine in Psychiatry Service (IMIPS) Unit 1-9200 at URMC Strong Memorial Hospital during daily rounds. The goal of this experience is to provide you with the opportunity to see how the clinical care of complex patients is organized and carried out, and to gain some exposure to the range of medical diagnoses and treatments encountered in this type of clinical setting.

  • Dress appropriately (formal or “office casual” attire), and wear a white coat whenever on the inpatient unit
  • Remain respectful of the busy work rounds process, and try to hold questions until the end whenever possible
  • Attend the 10am Interdisciplinary Team Rounds daily on the days you are available. Be prompt, as the session is set to begin at 10am sharp each weekday
  • Consult with both IMIPS Attending Physicians at the beginning of each week. If the opportunity to clinically shadow them on one or more of their morning work rounds (prior to 10am) is available, and does not interfere with your other scheduled activities, you may be able to participate in at least part of this process as an observer. [N.B. All patients must provide permission for you to be present.]
  • During the first one or two days of the week, select a clinical problem or diagnosis that you see or hear being discussed. Each Friday, you will be expected to provide a brief summary (5 minutes or less, with one to two references) of the diagnostic features of that problem, other types of problems it can often be confused with (i.e. the “differential diagnosis”), and what you may have learned about how the problem is usually treated.
    • You will be expected to present this information to Dr. Silenzio at noon each Friday. Your summary paragraph will be placed into your file. These will not be graded, but will be kept on file so that you have an opportunity at the end of your experience to look at the range of clinical issues you have encountered.
    • You should, however, also ask the IMIPS attending docs and Nurse Practitioners if — time permitting after the conclusion of the 10am team rounds — they would like to have you also present the ≤5 minute summary