The Laboratory of Informatics and Network Computational Studies (LINCS) / Network Science Lab is a transdisciplinary group of network and social informatics researchers interested in the health applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, computer science theory, and predictive modeling. The LINCS / NetSci Lab is led by faculty members at the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, and includes of collaborators from academic institutions around the world.


The mission of the LINCS / NetSci Lab group is to explore applications of machine learning, network analysis and related techniques to solve problems in human health and well-being.


The LINCS / NetSci Lab’s work capitalizes on the increasing ubiquity of social media and Internet technologies to bring a public health and prevention research focus to the fields of social informatics, machine learning, and network analysis to support public health and public policy needs, risk factor research, and the translation of findings into prevention-oriented clinical and community initiatives.

Our Group

The LINCS / NetSci Lab is built upon an interdisciplinary foundation of research faculty from medicine, computer science, biostatistics and computational biology, nursing, and public health. The lab focuses on collaborative work with communities and community-based partners in the US, China, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, and Turkey, and with industry partners in social media in the US and abroad.